People who exercise regularly often spend a lot of time preparing careful performance programs, to maximize the benefits of training. Some degree of inflammation is necessary if you hope to get anything tangible out of a workout regimen.

Increased stamina, strength, improved work capacity all happen because your body gets stronger via the inflammatory response to exercise resulting in rebuilding and refortifying its tissues, to deal with future demands. An effective training session is basically initiates a transitory, temporary, but powerful inflammatory response. An effective training regimen is composed of lots of those acutely stressful training sessions, interspersed with plenty of recovery time.

During an extreme workout, your muscles tear in tiny amounts; they later heal creating stronger, tougher muscles. This regrowth of stronger muscle tissue is ultimately what athletes’ desire. This good, healthy and necessary acute inflammation, is characterized by an inflammatory response that resembles a series of peaks, dips, and valleys.  

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If you keep stringing together spikes in inflammation, without recovering from the previous one, they start to overlap and that starts to look a lot like chronic inflammation. When inflammation becomes chronic and systemic, the big problems begin!

Dental research coming out of the London 2012 Olympics highlighted excessively high levels of chronic inflammatory markers, in competing athletes as a direct result of poor oral health.

The researchers concluded that, poor oral health could negatively affect the training and performance of athletes. This happens directly, though pain arising from dental disease conditions but also more subtly from effects on the body of increased levels of systemic inflammation.

Interestingly, this chronic inflammation was often not evident to athletes themselves. All of these problems are treatable and preventable with well characterised low cost interventions.



In a world of competition where performance is an aggregate of marginal gains, Waterside Dental we are offering an new innovative sports dental fitness, 3 point examination.

Oral inflammation screening – Identify and eliminate potential areas of chronic inflammation that lead to increased levels of avoidable systemic inflammatory markers.

Harmful dietary supplements causing potential dental disease and an increased level of inflammatory mediators in the bloodstream.

Potential nutritional deficiencies (vitamin and minerals) which are present in the soft tissues of the mouth.

We Will:

  1. Provide advice on the risks of active energy gels and supplements.

  2. Make custom made mouth protectors that fit comfortably and allow improved breathing.

  3. Every little helps! Treat yourself to a soothing mouth ice pack or why not take your dental fitness test today to find out how we may help improve your athletic performance.

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